I like to blame my big brother returning home after retirement from the military for my massive weight gain. But that wasn’t the complete truth… Yes we ate Donut Palace, Grippo’s, Cassano’s, Talenti, and restaurants galore for close to a year non-stop. I was happy and chubby! But was I truly happy? I was an entrepreneur chasing my dream, but not receiving the revenue I desired. I was in school furthering my education for a career I no longer felt a passion for. I was single and coming to terms that there was a possibility that I’ll remain that way for longer than I anticipated. Which was all a distraction causing me to bloom up to my highest weight ever. I always carry my weight well so the initial gain wasn’t realized until my knees started hurting. Now I must admit I am one of those people who likes to speak life into my body. So when the aches and pains came I said “Alright knee...get it together!” But hell my knee was telling me “ get it together!” I’ve had a gym membership since the age of 21, but I guess I felt it was alright to take some time off, which ended up being a year and a gain of 25 pounds.

I honestly didn’t notice it until this picture I took on the rooftop of a Manhattan restaurant. My family and I had just finished eating some chicken wings and fries...oh I had some celery too! I loved my “Free Spirit” shirt and wanted to take a scenic picture. I got the normal likes on that picture, but it’s a friends comment that made me look at myself a little harder. She commented, “You look different!” and then another mutual friend followed up with, “Girl it’s them boobies!” This made me take a full observation of the picture...yeah I truly looked different and not in a good way for my personal preference! My face was rounder, stomach poking, hips spreading, and thighs were thicker. So once I returned from my trip I bravely stepped onto the dreaded scale! I was shocked when it read 233! “How could I’ve gained that much weight?” I questioned myself and then I thought about my lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and unhappiness in my personal life.

You have to understand I’ve never been the type to eat fast and junk food on a regular basis. I would reserve weekends for my indulging! I’ve always had a gym membership or workout VHS/DVD’s throughout my life. Yes I said VHS...MTV’s The Grind Workout was one of my favorites in high school! Chile, I’d be learning all the corny dance moves while working up a sweat. Oh and let’s not forget the Taebo workout, I couldn’t get enough of that either.

So I had to get back to the basics...eating clean and working out! Oh but I forgot about the fact that my metabolism wasn’t like it used to be so this was going to take some extra dedication. I had to change my approach a little.

The first year was all about getting my eating habits back on track with choosing a conscious eating method. I wanted to pay attention to what was triggering me to make unhealthy food choices. I realized my cravings heightened with PMS and I had the tendency to overeat just because the food was left on my plate. The second year I focused on the exercising element. I don’t know about you but I tend to go into full hibernation when Winter comes. But that wasn’t helpful towards the journey of revamping myself, so I decided to join a group training program at a local gym. I knew if I was spending my money I’d go workout in rain, sleet, or snow. And I did just that...which resulted in me losing 40 pounds throughout the past two years! Slow and steady is my approach because living a holistically healthy life is truly a lifestyle. Aligning my mind, body, and spirit has truly helped me remain consistent on this journey towards becoming the best version of myself.

I am eager to assist others with reaching their goals in life, so I’ve created a 6 month customized holistic life coaching program. This program is designed to assist prospective clientele with achieving mental clarity, rejuvenating the body, and allowing their spirit to soar!

This life coaching approach goes beyond talking/goal setting and actually revitalizes the body on a cellular level for optimal results. Making a change in one’s life requires commitment and that’s why I ask my clientele to pledge time to put themselves first once a week with me on the sidelines offering encouragement, motivation, and assistance.

Go look at the Holistic Life Coaching page for further details.

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