Divine Guidance can be received in a variety of ways, through people, a song on the radio, and even through unusual happenings.  When seeking answers to the questions on your mind, it's always best to go within first.  But at times we lack the clarity, reassurance, and encouragement needed to make decisions that are heavy on our minds.  For years I have used meditation, intuition, and oracle cards to receive Divine Guidance...not to be confused with predicting the future. 


I am not a psychic!  But I am highly intuitive and ask the Divine to provide insight for wherever a client may require direction.  I use several oracle decks to usher in the messages that need to be received.   If you are questioning your career, love life, next chapter, etc. allow me to help with a Divinely Guided Oracle Card reading.

Clients will receive a link via e-mail with their reading video recorded within 72 hours. Clients who choose to have an Energy/Bodywork session with me can receive their reading after the completion of their session.  


3 card spread $20

6 card spread $40

9 card spread $60

Mon.-Fri. 10am-7pm

Sat. 10am-4pm

3430 S. Dixie Ave. Suite 203

(937) 347-3311


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