What To Expect From A Session

What To Expect from a Energy/Bodywork Session

  • All the holistic modalities (Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy) are incorporated in each session, yet customized for the client's specific energetic needs

  • The session is performed while one is lying on a massage table fully clothed while the Holistic Health Practitioner uses tuning forks, body tuners, applies pressure to acupressure points, and places hands gently on different part’s of the client’s body (avoiding genitalia) to assist with the proper flow of energy

  • The client may feel sensations (tingles/shivers), vibrations (energy wave), or heat from the Holistic Health Practitioner’s hands

  • The client may drift into a dreamlike state or even fall asleep due to deep relaxation

  • The client may have an “Aha!” moment, insight, and/or inspiration

  • A detoxification process may occur after the session, due to the removal of energy blocks from the client’s body (drinking plenty of water afterwards assists with the detox)

  • After the session, you’ll feel good and relaxed.  Attempt to keep this feeling as long as possible

  • Each session is unique for each individual 

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions related to Energy/Bodywork

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