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This is the most popular service offered to clients who are new to energy/body work.  A chakra balancing session includes the modalities that Peace Within 111 offers  all-in-one, realigning  the energetic system as a whole for a remarkable experience.

The chakras are energy centers, connecting points between the energy system and the physical body. Each chakra has an important influence on associated organs of the body.  Under stress, tension, or dis-ease, the chakras respond by slowing down in vibration or becoming over active. A chakra balance is a simple intervention that produces a profound, relaxing effect.


This session resets the energetic system as a whole by focusing specifically on the elemental lines and chakras of the physical body to assist with an exceptionally profound flow of energy.

This Energy Vitality Technique can assist in opening your chakras and raising your energy level from survival to optimum vitality.

This session includes: Chakra Balancing, Polarity Therapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Acupressure.



Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural Japanese technique that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  “Rei” means spiritual/supernatural and “ki”means energy. Reiki isn’t a religion, but it is spiritual. Spirituality is the belief in one’s connection with God, a higher power, spirit, or soul.  Religion provides guidance on how to develop one’s spirituality.  Reiki can assist with spiritual growth.

This session incorporates the use of the Holistic Health Practitioner hands to provide relaxation and healing through gentle touch.


Achieve the ULTIMATE form of relaxation with a Customized Energy Healing and Energetic Relaxation Back Massage combination.

An energetic relaxation massage is intended to balance the flow of energy within the body. This is a gentle massage, where the hands and fingertips are used to establish an energetic flow.

This session uniquely addresses the client's specific energetic needs while incorporating the holistic modalities offered by Peace Within 111 including Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Relaxing Back Massage, Polarity Therapy, and Vibrational Sound Therapy.



Everything is energy!  Thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and moods all create energy.  Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt uneasy for no apparent reason?  This may have occurred due to heavy, dense, and negative energy penetrating the atmosphere.  These energies may become stuck in the space due to disagreements, depression, fear, illness, anger, etc.

Our homes should be a sacred oasis where we can nourish and replenish our Spirit from the outside world.  Personally cleaning your space is great, but at times you may need someone to assist with a total deep cleanse of your home.  This can be transformational especially if you recently moved into a new home, recovered from being sick, or if there’s been any emotional distress that caused negative energy to be created.

Often our place of business is exposed to a lot of stress, this negative vibration can linger for days, weeks, or even months.  At times a boost of new positive energy can bring peace, harmony, and productivity to the office.  The cleansing of a business can be powerful when purpose and intention is demonstrated.

During a spiritual home/business cleansing, negative energy is removed and replaced with positive frequencies with holistic techniques.  Having an atmosphere that is clean and clear is vital to one’s well-being, promoting better sleep, decrease of anxiety/stress, and overall wellness.

Price:  $100 per hour (1000-2000 square feet per hour)

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Divine Guidance can be received in a variety of ways, through people, a song on the radio, and even through unusual happenings.  When seeking answers to the questions on your mind, it's always best to go within first.  But at times we lack the clarity, reassurance, and encouragement needed to make decisions that are heavy on our minds.  For years I have used meditation, intuition, and oracle cards to receive Divine Guidance...not to be confused with predicting the future. 

I am not a psychic!  But I am highly intuitive and ask the Divine to provide insight for wherever a client may require direction.  I use several oracle decks to usher in the messages that need to be received.   If you are questioning your career, love life, next chapter, etc. allow me to help with a Divinely Guided Card reading.

Clients will receive a link via e-mail with their reading video recorded within 72 hours. 

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