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Over 125  5-Star Reviews on Google

I feel blessed that I found out about Peace Within 111! I have major depression and nothing has helped until I went to Peace Within 111. Everyone around me has noticed a positive change in me. I feel motivated, light, and optimistic. She truly sparked something in me.


S. Milton

Harretta not only had an amazing and warm personality but is extremely gifted too! I had the best experience with her during my first session. I could feel energy moving through my body and had a truly awakening experience.

K. O’Hearn

I received a Divine Guidance Reading some months back. It was so on point. And the energy during the reading was so strong. When Harretta called me by a old nickname out of know where. Made me feel like I wasn’t sitting with a stranger.

R. Waters

Harretta is truly a gifted healer.  The experience I had here was amazing. I had a Chakra Balancing session and the results were incredible. My left arm and shoulder was very sore for months my range of motion was limited and once my Heart Chakra was cleared I had full range of motion with my left arm.

V. Vercoe

Ms.Tucker is nothing but a pure delight to be around. Her energy is magnetic. Being in her presence in truly divine. The sessions I have utilized have been the Chakra Balancing along with Divine Guidance Readings. After getting my energy work done, I leave feeling refreshed and open. In my card reading sessions she touch's on elements, context, and life circumstances that resonate with my life. I am truly blessed that I have crossed paths with Ms. Tuckers at this point in life. As she is truly helping me get to my Peace Within.

T. Walls

She is amazing and my life has changed tremendously since I've been receiving energy work and guidance readings from her. I highly recommend!


J. Searcy

So let me be clear. Harretta is the truth. I received a Divine Guidance Reading from her and let me tell you it was amazing. It brought out so much emotion and confirmation and most importantly guidance to what I was seeking. Harretta’s vibration was so high and her energy was so positive. I felt as though I was in the same room with her sitting at the table laughing, singing and responding to her. I’m so glad I decided to get this reading. 


E. Cochran

This was my first chakra balancing, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Harretta quickly put me at ease and explained everything in detail. I have to say that I haven't been this relaxed in years! Definitely recommended!


D. Webb

This was amazing! I felt God speak through her confirming so much of the things I had been thinking and praying about. She is THE TRUTH and she does what she does with so much grace and sensitivity to the needs of your soul or life at the moment. Her gift is reminiscent of the Sons of Issachar. If I were you, I would run, not walk to make that appointment. Her work embodies Proverbs 20:5 Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out. I will be going back.

E. Respress

I loved everything about my session! Harretta is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Please visit her. I came feeling heavy and burdened and left feeling light and relieved. I wish I could talk with her every day! A beautiful spirit, for sure!


T. White

I have to say how much this Divine Guidance Reading resonated with me. This woman has the gift and if you are trying to get some guidance from above, they are most definitely speaking through her vessel.

T. Berry

Full Moon Gathering with Retta tonight was blissfully relaxing. I love her wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy! Already looking forward to the next time.

D. Kourt

Harretta is the real deal. Her healing energy is potent and radiant. I highly recommend her hands-on work, her full moon gatherings, and her card readings. You will be amazed. I'm so grateful for my path to have crossed hers.


B. Alexander

I purchased a Divine Guidance Reading with Harretta and I’m so grateful that I made the decision to receive her insight. Everything that she said resonated with the current flow of my life. She brought up an interest of mine that I’ve never shared with anyone so I know that she’s the truth!



My Chakra Balancing Session was beautiful! I was able to discuss so much with Ms. Harretta and of course she is amazing. Attending a Chakra Balancing session is not only an experience but you also get a beautiful spirit to guide you through. Ms. Harretta explains everything thoroughly, gets the job done and makes you feel like you've know her all your life. You never know what you need until you try it! This was definitely one of those things I've always needed.


M. Simmons

Harretta completely blew me away with her services. She has a great aura and a very inviting spirit. I had a Chakra Balancing and her observations were spot on! I will most definitely see her again for other services in the very near future.

T. Mitchell

OK so first off let me start by saying wow! I was lucky enough to get two services from Harretta . I got a Divine Guidance Reading and a Chakra Balancing session. I was not disappointed! My reading was undeniably spot on, it brought me some closure, and gave me some direction. I was actually just stunned at how accurate it was. Then as if that’s not enough, I go and get my chakras balanced and it was like the breakthrough I didn’t know I needed. After my session I immediately felt inner peace, I felt lighter, I felt joy internally, I felt lifted, I felt like my body was working and that it had been on pause and I did not even know it. I felt connected to spirit in a way I had been missing out on for a while despite my best efforts. I will be returning all the time!. I just love her.


C. Folley

I’ve been a client for over a year and HIGHLY recommend the services!!! Whenever my anxiety runs high & my energy feels scattered I immediately book an appointment and get back in control. I can’t really explain how it works, but it does! My appointments are an absolute must-have for my mental and emotional wellbeing.


E. Boyd

I cannot recommend Harretta enough! First off, she welcomes clients into her office with open arms, and radiates peace and warmth to make clients comfortable. Harretta is in tune with her clients, and has offered great insight to my life, helped me gain confidence, and courage to work on areas of my life in order to try to remain open and balanced.


L. Whitten

My experience was AMAZING! To be greeted with such loving and warm energy made me feel so comfortable with it being my first session. I thoroughly enjoyed my Chakra Balancing session. I left feeling 10x lighter and so zen. It’s been a full day later and I still feel a sense of wholeness! Harretta is the BOMB and I can’t wait to come back!

D. Graham

Harretta is so knowledgeable and loves her craft! My Ultimate Reset session was just what I needed during a seriously stressful time in my life. I'm feeling much more positive about every aspect in my life now!


D. Wright

I walked in feeling very heavy physically and emotionally. I knew something was off. The session was amazing and I walked out feeling lighter and refreshed, like I can conquer the world! I will definitely go again and refer others to her.


T. Johnson

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Casey Johnson

I really didn’t know what to expect, I booked a Chakra Balancing session. I’m overwhelmed with the experience I received. It was Amazing. I mentioned in my session that I wasn’t getting any sleep. It’s been two weeks and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. She also helped me jump start a wonderful journey.

N. Lee

I had my first Chakra Balancing Session. Before my appointment, I hadn’t slept in 3 days, after my appointment I went home and slept so peacefully. Harretta did an amazing job making me feel relaxed and comfortable. She explained each technique and email me my results after my appointment. She offers a relaxing environment with smoothing water sounds and lavender aromatherapy. I will highly recommend her services.

A. Jones

Harretta is such a beautiful spirit. She made my first time getting a Chakra Balancing so fun and informative. It was very relaxing. I felt like I could talk to her about anything. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend her services.

L. Robinson

Harretta makes you feel like an old friend, she’s so welcoming and warm. She explains everything throughly and makes you feel at ease. She rebalanced my chakras and I felt so much weight lifted afterwards. She also did a 3 card reading for me, which was spot on to what we had spoke about in my rebalance session! My mind was literally blown! I highly recommend her services, especially if this something you’ve been considering for awhile. You won’t regret it!


A. Abbott

Received a Divine Guidance Reading and was amazed & shocked at how in line it was to what I was feeling. It confirmed things that still has my mind spinning. This reading was everything I didn’t even know I needed!!!!


K. Tucker

Harretta is the best! She is so beautifully tuned in with others and herself. She is very helpful and informative. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend. My soul, mind, and body felt rejuvenated after leaving a Chakra Balancing session. I highly recommend to anyone experiencing spiritual troubles or just anyone in general with assisting on a spiritual journey.


K. Kussmann

I had my reservations about going, not because of doubt in Harretta but fear of discovering what holds me back from reaching my higher self. I arrived tensed, anxious, and closed. I left feeling free, relaxed, and lifted! It’s a feeling I can barely put into text, it’s a feeling that I needed! I feel connected within and Harretta is so thorough, she provides a summary and tips to help you stay connected!


D. Smith

I had a visit for a Chakra Balancing session and it was absolutely amazing! The entire experience was therapeutic. Harretta provided a great deal of wisdom and resources, and even followed up with a detailed summary and tips to keep my chakras functioning at their greatest potential. Since the visit I have been feeling more calm and aware, and I have learned so much about further exploring spirituality.


T. Estelle

I called Harretta because I felt all out of wack. I felt no direction, no energy nor motivation at that time. After speaking with her briefly, she suggested to start with a chakra balancing. I got in quickly. I was first impressed with her sweet and bubbly personality. Then it was her professionalism. She is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and helps you to feel comfortable in what is happening. The session was more that I expected. Almost all my chakras were blocked and she opened them up. It was comfortable like a massage. I was relaxed and felt rejuvenated when it was over. Definitely helped to get me realigned with life. I highly recommend going to Harretta. The work she does is amazing!


S. Dugger

Harretta is absolutely lovely. A soul and spirit with an amazing trove of gifts. I was instantly at peace as soon as she opened the door and left knowing that i had just encountered a true gem of honesty and healing. She is the real deal. Highly recommended!


J. Rollins

My experience with Harretta and Peace Within 111 couldn't have been better. She is such a positive light and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anybody. Looking forward to more sessions in the future. She has already helped me a great deal and this is my first time going to her.


K. Hammett

Harretta was so informative, caring and understanding in my chakra healing session. I learned so much about myself I also left feeling so good, unstressed and free! I recommend the Chakra Balancing session to anyone who needs to release tension and everyday stresses from their mind, body, and spirit because she works them all!!! 


S. Mullen

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Riley Jones

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